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4 days ago Gina MontiDocs: LP1776977: Update lsa-address_alert.adoc and... master origin/master
4 days ago gmontimantisUpdate lsa-address_alert.adoc
4 days ago Garry CollumLP1908612 Bootstrap Opac - Limit to Available
5 days ago Gina MontiDocs: Update apache_rewrite_tricks.adoc to further...
5 days ago Gina MontiDocs: update glossary.adoc to add TLD definition per...
13 days ago Jane SandbergLP1718782: follow up to fix failing test
2021-07-13 Galen CharltonLP#1718782: stamp DB update
2021-07-13 Jane SandbergLP1718782: Add the Srce fixed field to the Angular...
2021-07-13 Bill EricksonLP1913807 Staff catalog shows preferred lib holdings...
2021-07-13 Bill EricksonLP1910808 Staff catalog show call number
2021-07-13 Jane SandbergLP1857060: Tests for ISBNs with 979 prefix
2021-07-13 Galen CharltonLP#1910891: stamp DB update
2021-07-13 Jane SandbergLP1910891: Add new booking perms to appropriate groups
2021-07-13 Jason BoyerLP1895737: Add Curbside Appointments to Bootstrap OPAC
2021-07-12 Galen CharltonLP#1908722: stamp schema update
2021-07-12 Galen CharltonLP#1908722: add electronic resource links
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10 years ago kcls-grey-screen-prod1 First production cut of changes
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