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46 min ago Jeff DavisLP#1932203: serialize requests on Edit Due Date in... master origin/master
11 days ago Kyle Huckinslp1942647 Provide Warning when deleting Term linked...
11 days ago Andrea Buntz... Docs: fix display error
2022-06-10 gmontimantisHold Management page update
2022-06-10 Garry CollumLP1950345-Format the Current Hold Groups table in boots...
2022-06-06 Galen CharltonLP#1930617: reduce parallel requests initiated by Angul...
2022-05-31 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Alternate Notice Templates documentation
2022-05-31 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Cover Image Upload documentation
2022-05-31 Galen CharltonLP#1974195: fix memory leak when performing fleshed...
2022-05-31 Andrea Buntz... Docs: correction to Staff Portal Page docs
2022-05-26 Andrea Buntz... Docs: Staff Portal Page documentation
2022-05-23 Galen Charltonfix typo in 3.8.1 release notes
2022-05-21 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.8.1 Upgrade Script
2022-05-20 Jason BoyerForward Port 3.7.3 Upgrade Script
2022-05-20 Jason BoyerUpdate 3.8 Point Release Notes
2022-05-20 Jason BoyerUpdate 3.7 Point Release Notes
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11 years ago kcls-grey-screen-prod1 First production cut of changes
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