minor fixes to gsheet
[migration-tools.git] / Equinox-Migration /
2014-07-30 Galen Charltonmake the fingerprinter normalize OCLC control numbers
2012-08-17 Galen Charltonremove last trace of vestigial bib modifier
2012-08-07 Galen Charltonadd new parallel field modifier to extract_holdings
2012-07-16 Galen Charltonadd copyright statement and GPL2+ license statement
2012-07-16 Galen Charltonremove .csvignore
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyThis time for sure!
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyNow handles subfield codes A-Z in addition to a-z ...
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyAvoiding error message about non-numeric comparison...
2010-05-06 Galen Charltonupdate test case
2010-03-15 Galen Charltonfix retrieval of correct column headers and data from...
2010-03-12 Galen Charltonimproved handling for drawing data from fields other...
2009-07-27 Shawn Boyette1.005
2009-07-09 Shawn Boyetterescued changes
2009-06-25 Shawn Boyetteyanking DBM::Deep stuffs
2009-06-25 Shawn Boyetteremoving DBMD, phase I
2009-06-24 Shawn Boyettetweaks
2009-06-24 Shawn Boyettemaking sampling work better
2009-06-24 Shawn Boyetteversion bump
2009-06-24 Shawn Boyettefixes for multi subfields
2009-06-24 Shawn Boyetteautoflush turned off for DBM::Deep
2009-06-18 Shawn Boyettetest for existing DBMD file; die
2009-06-12 Shawn Boyettetake rcnt out of dstore and call it reccount
2009-06-12 Shawn Boyettechanged rptr to rcnt
2009-06-12 Shawn BoyetteKeeping MDMP from eating all teh rams (WIP)
2009-06-12 Shawn Boyettescope tweaking
2009-06-12 Shawn Boyette1.003 No longer purely OO, to allow XML::Twig to run...
2009-06-12 Shawn Boyettetest fixes for 1.003
2009-06-10 Shawn Boyettechangelog
2009-06-10 Shawn Boyette1.002 if any instance of a sub has a value, that should...
2009-05-29 Shawn Boyettesbufield lengthtracking implemented
2009-05-27 Shawn Boyettemulti hash now uses just code for key
2009-05-22 Shawn BoyetteSTL now prints file name on fail open
2009-05-07 Shawn Boyettecleanup before new work
2009-05-06 Shawn Boyettefixes
2009-05-05 Shawn Boyettetmap updates
2009-05-05 Shawn Boyettefixes to tag counts
2009-05-05 Shawn Boyettemisc
2009-04-30 Shawn Boyettefergot semicolon derrrrr
2009-04-30 Shawn Boyettedoc updates
2009-04-30 Shawn Boyettefilters in MDMP
2009-04-30 Shawn Boyettesingle-chunk tokens being quoted is ok now. misc other...
2009-04-29 Shawn Boyetteinitial checkin
2009-04-29 Shawn Boyetteyanking bib references; adding tag map to MDMP; cleanup...
2009-04-28 Shawn Boyettebirthing MARCXMLSampler
2009-04-27 Shawn Boyette1.001 generate now takes 2 arguments: a filename or...
2009-04-27 Shawn Boyetteremoving sample tests
2009-04-27 Shawn Boyettetesting changes
2009-04-27 Shawn Boyetterequired mod looks to be working
2009-04-27 Shawn Boyette1.003 mods now returns *all* mods with no argument
2009-04-27 Shawn Boyettemulti on non-multi mapping error implemented
2009-04-27 Shawn Boyettemultiples of non-multi fields is now fatal
2009-04-26 Shawn Boyettesamples working
2009-04-26 Shawn Boyetteexploded marcxml
2009-04-25 Shawn Boyettenew stuff
2009-04-25 Shawn Boyettever bump
2009-04-25 Shawn Boyetteall mapped subfields will now be DEFINED even if their...
2009-04-24 Shawn Boyettetweaks for E::M::SM changes
2009-04-24 Shawn Boyettemods should return undef when there are no *mods* as...
2009-04-24 Shawn Boyettefirst tests passing, first records parsed
2009-04-20 Shawn Boyetteprogress
2009-04-20 Shawn Boyettefix for mods being hashref now
2009-04-20 Shawn Boyetteadding testing files for MDMP
2009-04-20 Shawn Boyettemods should return a hashref
2009-04-20 Shawn Boyettenuking pod tests
2009-04-16 Shawn Boyetteat least it compiles now, and the docs are mostly in...
2009-04-14 Shawn Boyettev1.001 added tags, subfields methods
2009-04-13 Shawn Boyettename change
2009-04-13 Shawn Boyetteworking
2009-04-12 Shawn Boyettemaking reality adn the docs agree
2009-04-06 Shawn Boyettequoteds
2009-04-06 Shawn Boyetteforgot quoted values
2009-04-06 Shawn BoyetteE::M::SM retooling
2009-03-26 Shawn Boyetteinitial checkin
2009-03-26 Shawn Boyetteinitial checkin
2009-03-26 Shawn BoyetteSTL files can have blank lines and comments now.
2009-03-26 Shawn Boyetteexpanded test cases in this file
2009-03-26 Shawn Boyettemore cases tested
2009-03-26 Shawn Boyettecoverage testing changes
2009-03-24 Shawn Boyettetesting updates
2009-03-24 Shawn Boyettecoverage testing updates
2009-03-24 Shawn Boyettecoverage testing updates
2009-03-23 Shawn Boyettesync
2009-03-23 Shawn Boyetteadding subfield mapper stuffs
2009-03-18 Shawn Boyettemore testing, more fixes; removal of single-except...
2009-03-18 Shawn Boyettetesting and fixes
2009-03-18 Shawn Boyetteyanking boilerplate tests
2009-03-18 Shawn Boyetteadding modular stuffs