taking out some dumper statements for troubleshooting that I had commented out
[migration-tools.git] / bibliofile /
2012-07-16 Galen Charltonadd copyright statement and GPL2+ license statement
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyAdded --ignore-indexes option to grab more data, much...
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyA few adjustments
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyHandles items as well -- row length is a two-byte field
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyWorks fine on TITLE.DB, but misses the boat on other...
2012-07-16 Ben Ostrowsky(cosmetic) Adjust digits in column numbers to fit data
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyTools for handling Bibliofile *.DB/*.DBD files