change to the data directly automatically with mig env use
[migration-tools.git] / extract_holdings
2017-08-08 Jason Etheridgeextract_holdings: --suffix support
2016-09-14 Jason Etheridgefilter out linefeeds and carriage returns from holding...
2016-09-14 Jason Etheridgefilter out tabs from holding tag values
2012-08-07 Galen Charltonadd new parallel field modifier to extract_holdings
2012-07-16 Galen Charltonadd copyright statement and GPL2+ license statement
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyCall attention to subfields appearing more than once...
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyAdded feedback to remind the user where to find the...
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyBuilt-in manual gave wrong command-line arguments....
2010-03-17 Galen Charltonnormalize output by escaping backslashes
2010-03-15 Galen Charltonfix retrieval of correct column headers and data from...
2010-03-12 Galen Charltonimproved handling for drawing data from fields other...
2009-11-10 Ben OstrowskyFixed another inaccuracy in the inline documentation
2009-11-10 Ben OstrowskyMade inline-documentation references to Equinox::Migrat...
2009-07-27 Shawn BoyetteMDMP require version bumped
2009-07-14 Shawn Boyettenewline at end of sample run
2009-07-13 Shawn Boyette--marcfile no longer gets -m; --map does
2009-07-09 Shawn Boyetteautoset marcfile on prefix
2009-07-09 Shawn Boyetteredoing previous changes
2009-06-25 Shawn Boyetteremoving DBMD, phase I
2009-06-24 Shawn Boyettetweaks
2009-06-24 Shawn Boyettetypo fix
2009-06-24 Shawn Boyetteimproved multifile handling
2009-06-24 Shawn Boyettemulti extractions work now. holding seq# always include...
2009-06-18 Shawn Boyetteholdings dump status msg now counts holdings instead...
2009-06-12 Shawn Boyetteworks with new MDMP
2009-06-12 Shawn Boyetteargs handling bug
2009-05-29 Shawn Boyettesubfield report added to detail
2009-05-27 Shawn Boyette1.001 changed sample detail format to one which can...
2009-05-27 Shawn Boyettecruddy temporary fix while multi is sorted out
2009-05-07 Shawn Boyettecleanup before new work
2009-05-06 Shawn Boyetteworks (pretty much)
2009-05-05 Shawn Boyettesample stuffs working pretty good now
2009-05-05 Shawn Boyettesample routines basically working
2009-03-24 Shawn Boyetteugly yet, but it works with the new modules
2009-03-23 Shawn Boyetteheaders and fields should be sync'd now
2009-03-17 Shawn Boyetteremoving what i believe to be dead example directory
2009-02-09 Shawn Boyettebetter progress reporting
2009-01-14 Shawn Boyette"i'm working" output
2009-01-14 Shawn Boyetteadding most basic help
2009-01-14 Shawn Boyetteadding extract_holdings script