fixing typo and moving grab file into else clause
[migration-tools.git] / mig-bin /
2018-02-09 Rogan Hambyminor fixes to gsheet
2018-02-09 Rogan Hambyadding the mig gsheet main file
2018-02-08 Rogan Hambyadded location for added page file to be miggitdir
2018-02-08 Rogan Hambyinitial working branch for mig reporter
2018-01-29 Jason Etheridgesimplify arguments for mig-skip-iconv and mig-skip...
2018-01-12 Jason Etheridgesummary table and subtables as an output option for...
2018-01-12 Jason Etheridgeinit/ subdirectory for mig-sql/, so we can more conveni...
2018-01-05 Jason EtheridgeRevert "quicksheet experiment, do not omit tabs based...
2017-11-27 Jason Etheridgequicksheet experiment, do not omit tabs based on number...
2017-10-03 Jason Etheridgefix mig-init
2017-09-09 Jason Etheridgepsql variable for :migschema
2017-08-28 Jason Etheridgemultiple file support for mig-quicksheet
2017-08-23 Jason Etheridgemig-init: loop through sorted mig-sql/ directory
2017-08-23 Jason Etheridgemig-sql: silence warning if no $BIBSTART
2017-08-08 Jason Etheridgemig-env: set PGOPTIONS for search_path
2017-06-29 Jason Etheridgemig-sql: pass through the BIBSTART env variable
2017-05-03 Jason Etheridgemig-sql
2017-04-07 Jason Etheridge"mig" tool