[migration-tools.git] / sql / base / base.sql
2019-01-07 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.split_rows_on_column_with_delimiter
2018-12-18 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.name_parse_out_first_middle_last_comma_...
2018-10-05 Jason Etheridgehandle ambiguity
2018-09-04 Jason Etheridgefix bug in vivicate for stat cat entries
2018-09-04 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_link3_skip_false
2018-09-04 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_barred_or_blocked
2018-09-04 Jason Etheridgewe need some type-aware functions, but for now...
2018-09-04 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_link3_skip_true, and remove...
2018-09-04 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_link3_concat_skip_null
2018-09-04 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_link3_skip_null
2018-09-04 Jason Etheridgeno btrim for handle_link3
2018-09-04 Jason Etheridgehandle_link3
2018-09-04 Jason Etheridgehobgoblins, consistency
2018-08-23 Jason Etheridgefix apply_circ_matrix_to_specific_circ
2018-08-13 Rogan Hamby added function to trim and null out all columns, usefu...
2018-07-26 Rogan Hambybugfix to bib loading
2018-06-19 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.reset_event
2018-06-14 Rogan Hambyneeded to add explicity schema to function call from...
2018-06-13 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.duplicate_templates(org,'{def1,def2...
2018-06-08 Jason Etheridgestrip_tag function
2018-06-08 Jason Etheridgeforce_add_sf9
2018-06-06 Jason Etheridgestrict_add_sf9
2018-06-04 Jason Etheridgethinko
2018-06-04 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.add_mod16_checkdigit
2018-04-25 Rogan Hambyadded a null_empty_lcolumns function too
2018-04-25 Rogan Hambyadded to sql a btrim_lcolumns function
2018-04-17 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.parse_out_address2 and some fixes to...
2018-04-15 Jason Etheridgealternate values for desired_not_migrate
2018-04-13 Rogan Hambyadding biblio.record_entry to init
2018-04-10 Rogan Hambyadditional escaping and multiple table options for...
2018-04-10 Rogan Hambyadding to add_sf9 that you specifiy the bib table
2018-04-09 Jason Etheridgeasset stat cat functions
2018-04-09 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_org
2018-04-09 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_status
2018-04-09 Jason Etheridgemore more generic generic convenience function: migrati...
2018-04-09 Jason Etheridgemore generic convenience function: migration_tools...
2018-04-05 Jason Etheridgemore table linking functions
2018-02-28 Rogan Hambyadding variant add subfield 9 that work only on tags...
2018-02-28 Rogan Hambyadding x_shelf and x_org to the shelving location init...
2018-02-27 Jason Etheridgeensure we don't use deleted copy locations
2018-02-27 Rogan Hambyfind shelf function
2018-02-26 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_actor_sc_and_sce
2018-02-26 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_profile
2018-02-26 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_not_migrate
2018-02-26 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_circmod
2018-02-26 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.handle_shelf
2017-12-15 Rogan HambyMerge branch 'master' of git.esilibrary.com:migration...
2017-12-15 Rogan Hambyadding some basic copy tag and serial tables to the...
2017-12-06 Jason Etheridgeget_marc_leader()
2017-11-29 Rogan Hambyfunction for setting passwords in actor.passwd quickly
2017-11-08 Jason Etheridgeoverzealous heuristic
2017-10-11 Jason Etheridgetoward better name parsing (handles names like "Van...
2017-10-11 Jason Etheridgetoward better name parsing (handles names like "Van...
2017-10-03 Jason Etheridgecomment
2017-10-03 Jason Etheridgepush bib sequence and return starting value for reserve...
2017-09-26 Rogan Hambyadding actor.usr_setting to production tables
2017-09-11 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.attempt_sierra_timestamp
2017-09-11 Jason Etheridgemore address parsing helpers
2017-04-11 Jason EtheridgeASSERT not supported until PG 9.5
2017-03-30 Jason Etheridgethird variant of migration_tools.assert with success...
2017-03-30 Jason Etheridgeassert tool for use with \set ON_ERROR_STOP on
2017-03-14 Jason Etheridgeuse UNLOGGED tables for the base staging tables
2016-05-27 Jason Etheridgesyntax in INHERIT example
2016-04-11 Jason Etheridgetweaks to name parser
2016-03-11 Jason Etheridgeacq.fund_tag_map
2016-03-11 Jason Etheridgeadd acq.provider_contact and acq.provider_contact_addre...
2016-02-29 Jason Etheridgeadd action.transit_copy and action.hold_transit_copy...
2016-02-29 Jason Etheridgeadd action.hold_request_note to the list of base tables
2016-02-19 Ben Ostrowskymigration_tools.attempt_hz_date
2016-02-19 Jason Etheridgetweak for case when just last name
2016-02-19 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.name_parse_out_last_first_middle_and_ra...
2016-01-28 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.find_hold_matrix_matchpoint2
2015-09-24 Jason Etheridgeremove config fig.circ_matrix_circ_mod_test
2015-08-10 Jason Etheridgemore money converters
2015-08-06 Jason Etheridgeduplicate_template_but_change_delay
2015-04-20 Jason Etheridgetweak migration_tools.insert_856_9
2015-03-24 Jason Etheridgehandle dates like 051980
2015-03-18 Jason Etheridgeadd some in-db matchpoint tables, for potential ease...
2015-03-16 Jason Etheridgeconvenience wrappers for finding in-db rules
2015-03-16 Jason Etheridgemake migration_tools.apply_circ_matrix_to_specific_circ...
2015-02-25 Jason Etheridgeadd a delimiter paramater, and a variant that returns...
2015-02-21 Jason Etheridge.get_marc_tag
2015-02-05 Jason EtheridgeMerge branch 'master' of git.esilibrary.com:migration...
2015-02-05 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.apply_circ_matrix_to_specific_circ
2015-02-03 Jason Etheridgeproc to clone a/t event definitions
2015-01-14 Jason Etheridgelet's strip commas as well with attempt_money
2015-01-14 Jason Etheridgean attempt_money method for a smaller numeric, given...
2015-01-14 Jason Etheridgelet migration_tools.attempt_money strip dollar signs...
2014-11-20 Jason Etheridgeinclude affixes with _callnum_label_once_per_lib index
2014-11-20 Jason Etheridgeadd tables for call number affixes
2014-09-22 Galen Charltonadd routine to calculate Code 39 mod 43 barcode checkdigits
2013-03-08 Galen Charltonwhen parsing state from city, anchor pattern on right
2012-12-26 Galen Charltonrework attempt_cast function
2012-10-19 Galen Charltonimprove marc_parses() test
2012-10-03 Galen Charltonstart work on a function for creating staff users in...
2012-09-10 Galen Charltonnew function to set indicators in MARC fields
2012-08-30 Galen Charltoncreate base staging tables for acquisitions
2012-08-29 Galen Charltontypo fix
2012-08-29 Galen Charltonteach migration_tools.change_call_number() about label...
2012-08-17 Jason Etheridgeswitch from action.find_circ_matrix_matchpoint to actio...