adding deletion of surveys to remove ou scripts
[migration-tools.git] / unicorn /
2012-07-16 Galen Charltonadd more copyright and license statements
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyAdd a header line to explain the fields
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskySome city/state data has no comma
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyNow with address line2!
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyBetter parsing of city/state
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyDon't clobber user_category1 and user_category2
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyNow extracting .COUNTY. fields from addresses
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyReinserting a missing space that was causing trouble
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyFixed a bug that improperly parsed 'III' as a suffix.
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyFixed a bug that could prevent name parsing in some...
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyMinor fix to a comment line
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyCorrectly parsing Unicorn patron names and addresses
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyUtter pedantry? Perhaps, but misleading comments are...
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyFirst draft mark two (with syntax errors fixed)
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyFirst finished draft of new
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyFinished the bit that processes the records. Next up...
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyReforking unicorn importer; this is an unfinished versi...
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyCleaning up older copy of
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyUnicorn TSV-maker can now handle and charge...
2012-07-16 Jason Etheridgechange \r\n to \n if they occur
2012-07-16 Ben OstrowskyFirst draft of Unicorn patron-file converter. No known...