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2019-03-25 Rogan Hambyadding columsn for specifying to migrates items and...
2018-08-31 Rogan Hambyadding default schema name as sheet for common tables
2018-08-31 Rogan Hambyadding sheet tracking to the common tables sql
2018-08-15 Rogan Hambyadding libraries to the gsheet for patron thresholds
2018-08-10 Rogan Hambyupdating create accounts table to match latest sheet...
2018-08-03 Rogan Hambyadding support to the circ policies table for more...
2018-08-03 Rogan Hambyadding circ limit sets table
2018-08-03 Rogan Hambyfixing typo
2018-08-03 Rogan Hambyredoing the holds mapping table
2018-08-02 Rogan Hambyrebuild of derived values columns for map_circ_polices
2018-08-02 Rogan Hambynew verion of circ policies map table
2018-06-21 Rogan Hambyfixing column data type in circ matrix map table
2018-06-21 Rogan Hambyfixed typo
2018-06-21 Rogan Hambyfix typos in table names
2018-06-21 Rogan Hambyremoving inheritance from matrix mapping tables
2018-06-21 Rogan Hambyadded circ and hold combo sheets
2018-06-14 Rogan Hambyadding circ and hold tables to git sql files
2018-03-06 Rogan Hambyadding tlc code to billing type table
2018-03-02 Rogan Hambyadding legacy value column to stat cats table
2018-03-01 Rogan Hambyadding branch mapping for tlc
2018-03-01 Rogan Hambyremoving phones from tlc mapping
2018-02-28 Rogan Hambyadding bib manipulations table
2018-02-28 Rogan Hambymoving org to the holding code table
2018-02-28 Rogan Hambyadding x_shelf and x_org to the shelving location init...
2018-02-27 Rogan Hambyfixing column name in common gsheet tables
2018-02-27 Rogan Hambychanges to make some tables child tables
2018-02-27 Rogan Hambyupdating column name from copy_location to desired_shel...
2018-02-27 Rogan Hambyfixing some tlc maapping table bugs
2018-02-27 Rogan Hambytaking out some dumper statements for troubleshooting...
2018-02-16 Rogan Hambyconsolidating tracking tables for gsheet
2018-02-16 Rogan Hambymoving tlc init file
2018-02-16 Rogan Hambytlc mapping sql
2018-02-16 Rogan Hambyadjusted universal files to no longer need fields from...
2018-02-16 Rogan Hambymaking the common tables more mig sql smart
2018-02-16 Rogan Hambycommon tables that will be used by gsheet
2018-01-30 Rogan Hambyadding last pushed timestamp to gsheet tracked table
2018-01-30 Rogan Hambyadd unique constraint for worksheet and tab name in...
2018-01-30 Rogan Hambyadding primary key to gsheet_tracked_table
2018-01-29 Rogan Hambygsheet blobs for mig init directory
2018-01-12 Jason Etheridgeinit/ subdirectory for mig-sql/, so we can more conveni...
2017-08-23 Jason Etheridgemig-init: loop through sorted mig-sql/ directory