descriptionLibrary data migration tools
last changeFri, 28 Aug 2020 13:25:37 +0000
2020-08-28 Jason Etheridgechange to the data directly automatically with mig... master
2020-08-11 Jason Etheridgethinko fixing the thinko :D one should test before...
2020-08-11 Jason Etheridgethinko with branch handling
2020-08-11 Jason Etheridgefor mig bibstats
2020-08-11 Jason Etheridgeconvert tabs to spaces for my sanity :)
2020-07-31 Jason Etheridgemake the straight listing of rows for the file optional...
2020-07-23 Rogan Hambyrenamed file since acq was added to it
2020-07-22 Rogan Hambyadd event output removal
2020-07-22 Rogan Hambyrename 13 to be more accurate
2020-07-22 Rogan Hambyadding acq stuff into patron extras file
2020-07-22 Rogan Hambyremoving copy alerts
2020-07-22 Rogan Hambyremove account adjustment entries
2020-07-21 Rogan Hambyremove inventory data
2020-07-21 Rogan Hambyhandling foreign owned reports of templates to be delet...
2020-07-21 Rogan Hambyorder of operations improvement on org removal scripts
2020-07-21 Rogan Hambymoving serials before copy templates to resolve an...
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